Clinical Pastoral Education

What is CPE: Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is education to teach spiritual care to clergy and others. CPE is the primary method of training hospital and hospice chaplains and spiritual care providers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. CPE is both a multicultural and interfaith experience that uses real-life ministry encounters of students to improve the care provided by caregivers.

Theory: An underpinning theory of education that structures clinical pastoral education is the “Action-Reflection mode of learning CPE students typically compose "verbatims" of their pastoral care encounters in which they are invited to reflect upon what occurred and draw insight from these reflections that can be implemented in future pastoral care events.

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The VSC will become a CPSP CPE training center in the near future. The center will teach CPE to religious leaders interested in helping Veterans. This will be the first CPE training center opened with the specific goal of ministering to veterans.